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Welcome to our English Language Blog!

Our English Blog is maintained by Language Conquests with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, articles and other material such as photographs or video. Here our visitors will have the chance to be constantly updated with our news and even read articles relevant to the courses we offer. Our entries will be displayed in reverse-chronological order, so that the newest entry will be on the top. In the near future our Blog will be interactive, allowing our visitors to leave comments and even message us with their thoughts.

Current Blog Entries

Title: Business Communication Skills for the Services Industry
Date Posted: 02 Jun 2011
Title: First District Educational Fair in Limassol
Date Posted: 16 May 2011
Title: Business and Agrotourism Courses in Cyprus
Date Posted: 07 Apr 2011
Title: Life-Long Learning Programmes
Date Posted: 05 Apr 2011
Title: Sports and Language Learning
Date Posted: 25 Mar 2011
Title: Business English Language/Communication Skills Training Programmes
Date Posted: 13 Feb 2011
Title: Alphe Conference
Date Posted: 27 Sep 2010
Title: Learning and Teaching English
Date Posted: 30 Jul 2010
Title: Burlington English (Learning on-line)
Date Posted: 05 Feb 2010
Title: Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences
Date Posted: 09 Jun 2009
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