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Learn English and enjoy the sparkling Mediterranean Sea, the wonderful climate and the friendly people of Cyprus.
Learn English in a place of sea, sun and fun!
We organize learning groups large enough to be stimulating but small enough to care about individuals

Welcome to learning English in Cyprus

Learn and enrich your English by taking one of the many Language Conquests – EFL courses at the English Study Centre in Limassol, Cyprus. Whatever your reason – career development, further study, personal interest or for sheer holiday English enjoyment Language Conquests – EFL will take you up to the next level. We offer EFL courses tailor-made and designed for specific purposes as well as general English for adults seeking to derive maximum benefit from studying English. Take this opportunity. Come as a Language Traveller to a place of sea, sun and fun.

Language Conquests – EFL Courses:
  • General and Intensive courses.
  • IELTS (General and Academic Training)
  • E.S.P. courses in the fields of:
    • Business
    • Accounting
    • English for Tourism and Hospitality
    • English for Caregivers
    • English for Chefs
    • English for Photographers
    • English for Professions in the Sports Industry
    • English and Culture Studies
    • English and Agrotourism
  • English for the 50+
  • Background-to-Britain Course (On Request)
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