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General English and specialised courses

English for Agrotourists : March 14, Oct. 10, Oct. 31
Course Duration: 15 hours
A course for nature lovers which will provide learners with a chance to combine general English learning with a more culture-based content including areas of historical, social, architectural, artistic and religious contexts. Cypriot traditions and customs will also be explored during a specially arranged excursion to a traditional village. Students will have the opportunity to live the experience of village life by staying in a restored traditional 120-year-old stone farmhouse situated in the centre of an old village of Limassol only 2 kilometres from our school. (listed under our accommodation choices)

Business English : Jan 31, April 11, Jun 13, Jul 18, Nov 14, Nov 28
Course Duration: 15 or 30 hours based on students’ requirements
This course focuses on the language needs of students looking to grow professionally whereby they practise language used in meetings, presentations, negotiations, small talk, socializing, correspondence and report writing. It includes a trip to a traditional village to look at the business side of tourism.
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English for Carers : March 21, May 23
Course Duration: 40 hours
This is one of our specialized courses available upon request. It will provide the learners with the sufficient knowledge of English in order to communicate effectively in their exact area of work. The first 20 hours of the course will help the learner to acquire grammar and specific language functions. The following 20 hours will prepare learners for the telephone interview they are required to pass as a prerequisite in securing a job as a caregiver in the UK. Language Conquests – EFL, Cyprus will put you in touch with a recruiting office which will undertake to find you work in the UK, subject to passing the telephone interview.

English for Chefs : Feb 28, May 16, Sep 26
Course Duration: 15 hours
Focusing on the language needs of chefs, this course includes a presentation by a renowned Cypriot chef. Students will learn vocabulary needed for their work as a chef in an English-speaking environment, including language for placing orders/dealing with suppliers, managing provisions and inventory, giving instructions to your staff and based on students’ needs can include skills necessary for giving lectures and presentations.

English for Professions in the Sports Industry : Oct 17, Oct 24
Course Duration: 15 hours
A course specially designed for trainers, aerobics instructors, coaches, etc. with themes including sports and fitness, leisure, health and diet. This course is held during the annual sports festival “Lemesia”, a yearly event of 10 days’ duration that takes place in October. It features various international contests such as the 10 kilometres’ international running contest, international boxing contests, rhythmic gymnastics, as well as the triathlon and karate contest. In many of the events participation by locals and visitors is encouraged.

English for Tourism and Hospitality : Feb 21, May 9, Sep 19
Course Duration: 15 or 30 hours based on students’ requirements
This course is designed for our clients working in the field of tourism with courses held in an authentic work setting at the premises of a hotel. It will allow effective communication in English in order to facilitate customer interaction. The course will involve observation and hands on practical experience at the hotel with which Language Conquests – EFL collaborates. This will give the learners the opportunity to consolidate the language skills through practical experience. (for logistical reasons the accommodation booked for this course has to be at our partner hotels Kanika Pantheon Hotel *** or Elias Beach Hotel****)

General English : Jan 3, Feb 7, Mar 7, April 4, May 2, June 6, July 4, July 25, Aug 1, Sep 12, Oct 3, Nov 7, Dec 5
Course Duration: 15 hours
This course is designed for students who already have a basic knowledge of the language but want to practise their every-day English, be it for travel, work, or just to refresh their school English for fun. It focuses on communication and aims to build students’ confidence in the English language. The four main skills reading, writing, speaking and listening will be developed to improve fluency and accuracy .

IELTS (Academic Training) : Jan. 17, April 18, June 30, July 11
Course Duration: 30 hours
This intensive course will consist of 30 hours. The programme trains the participants to acquire the English Language skills required for academic study or professional recognition. Prospective candidates for this course are required to be at least B1+ Level ( Upper Intermediate + Level).

IELTS (General Training) : March 28
Course Duration: 30 hours
This intensive course will be a total of 30 hours. The emphasis of the General Programme is on basic skills to undertake work experience or training programmes not at degree level. This course can also be used as an extension to the English for Carers Language Package. This IELTS course is catered for students at A2 Level ( Lower Intermediate Level).

English for Photographers : Jan 24
Course Duration: 15 hours
A course designed for professionals and amateurs alike, it will focus on vocabulary needed in a photographer’s work environment. The language taught will include terminology for light, equipment, studio backgrounds, posing, commercials, etc. This course includes an excursion to the scenic eastern side of the island to meet with a renowned local photographer.

English for Seniors : Jan 10, Feb 14, Nov 21
Course Duration: 15 hours
A course designed for the 50+ language learners including a trip to a traditional Cypriot village where an ancient form of lace making is still practised. Course topics include practical language aspects like: General English for a satisfying holiday experience anywhere in the world, your health and well-being, what constitutes a truly enjoyable meal, how to order what you really want – a brief introduction to Cypriot cuisine and what to buy at the local market - all the right vocabulary for an enjoyable time while travelling

Courses usually last one week (Monday - Friday, 9:00 - 12:00) and are held at our school, English Study Centre, in a quiet residential area just 10 minutes outside of Limassol. Two-week and/or intensive courses as well as extra individual lessons are available upon request. Additional dates for all listed courses can be arranged. Please contact us at

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