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Title: Burlington English (Learning on-line)
Posted By: Ekavi Petrides
Date Posted: 05/02/2010

It is a unique programme for blended learning, combining an online interactive home-study course with face-to-face classroom activities and support.

It enhances spoken English, encourages fluency and confidence, develops listening and reading skills, and teaches and reinforces grammar and vocabulary.

The programme offers the following options:

General English (Levels 1,2,3): General English is a 3-part course which takes students from beginner to intermediate level. It encourages students in conversations about everyday topics while developing and enhancing their language skills. Each course offers over 60 hours of individual online learning.

Specialised English: Specialised English Courses cover a wide variety of professional fields. There are two levels: Level 3, intermediate, and Level 4, intermediate to advance. The Specialised English Courses vary in length. All offer over 60 hours of individual online learning.

Banking English: Deals with scenarios regarding personal banking, business banking, mortgages, investment accounts, central banks and the economy, investment banking and project management tools.

Legal English: Is about getting a job, creating a company, international contracts, intellectual property, dealing with Tort Law, handling international taxation, arbitrating a case, facts and resolution of a case, and handling a case in court.

Office English: Prepares for getting a job, working with office facilities, managing office supplies, handling mail, dealing with security issues, communicating by phone, making arrangements, setting up meeting. Business English: Provides support on getting a job, hosting a foreign client, finding distributors and agents, preparing for an exhibition, travelling to the exhibition, at the hotel, at the exhibition, leisure experiences, back at the office.

Relocation English: Deals with scenarios about finding a place to live, getting settled in a new office, organising services, making new friends, settling in at a university, doing errands, going shopping, travelling around the city, handling emergencies, eating out, leisure time and activities, and holidays.

Caregivers’ English: The scenarios include information on getting a job, finding out about the patient, working with the elderly, physically challenged patients, patients in recovery, other jobs in the house, interacting with family members, and first aid and emergency care.

Doctors’ English: Covers scenarios regarding getting around the hospital, at the medical school, in the ER, on the surgical ward, procedures and tests, at the pharmacy, cardiology, dentistry, dermatology, ENT, gynaecology, internal medicine, neurology, obstetrics, oncology, ophthalmology, orthopaedics, paediatrics, plastic surgery, psychiatry, and radiology.

Finance English: Deals with portfolio management, standard investments, specialised investments, real estate investments, fundamental analysis, more investment analysis, investment banking, economic factors, and regulatory bodies.

Hotel English: Presents scenarios involving the hotel manager, reservations clerk, receptionist and cashier, concierge and bellhop, special events staff, restaurant, bar and lounge, housekeeping and room service, business centre services and fitness and health centre.

Nurses’ English: Covers scenarios regarding getting around the hospital, at the medical school, in the ER, on the surgical ward, procedures and tests, at the pharmacy, LPN in a nursing home, nurse practitioner or PA, nurse and midwife, OR nurse, public health nurse, psychiatric nurse, and clinical care nurse

Hi-tech English: The scenarios include getting a new IT job, ordering equipment, troubleshooting the network, troubleshooting at the office, planning a new website, creating the new website, and preparing for a conference.

Teachers’ English: Prepares for situations regarding studying for an EFL/ESL degree, doing a practicum, getting a job, testing and evaluation, elementary school, junior high and high school, working in a language school.

Coming soon: Accounting English, Aviation English, Engineering English, and Specialised wordlists.

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