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Title: Alphe Conference
Posted By: Krini Askanis
Date Posted: 27/09/2010

Language Conquests – EFL participated in the Alphe Conference 2010 that took place this September in London, UK. Language Conquests – EFL was represented at the conference by our Director Ms Krini Askanis. The Alphe conference is open to every type of educational and language providing institution, in all countries, for instance language schools, high schools, colleges and universities from Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, Central and South America.

Alphe has been established since 1998 and has built up a reputation for excellence, providing language travel agents, education consultants or student advisors to counsel students about attending overseas language schools, high schools, colleges or universities.

The Alphe Conference involves face-to-face meetings of a half an hour each between agents, who recruit and advise students, and educators, who want international students to attend their institution. As an international language organization, Language Conquests – EFL participated in Alphe, where we had the opportunity to meet with agents from Eastern Europe, Central Europe and Western Europe.

Through the meetings our Director had the opportunity to present our language programmes and familiarize the agents with the island of Cyprus. Agents from countries such as Ukraine, Latvia, the Russian Federation, Lithuania, France, Spain, Albania, Poland, Lebanon, UK, Italy and the Slovak Republic, expressed their interest in our programmes and set up channels of communication between their agencies and Language Conquests – EFL.

The conference was extremely successful and provided Language Conquests – EFL with a unique opportunity to meet language agents, create contacts, and become a part of the Alphe community.

Language Conquests at the Alphe Conference

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