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Title: Business Communication Skills for the Services Industry
Posted By: Krini Askanis
Date Posted:

English Study Centre learners given hands-on practical
real-time experience at an authentic event.

As part of our BUSINESS COMMUNICATION SKILLS FOR THE SERVICES INDUSTRY programme, English Study Centre was very fortunate to be given the opportunity to train the participants of the course for an authentic event that took place at one of the most reputable and renowned hotels in Limassol on 1st June 2011.

The main focus that the participants worked on was pre-presentational and post-presentational skills which entailed: effective delivery, making introductions, welcoming the guests, giving directions and ushering guests to their seats. They were trained to adopt the appropriate tone, construct correct intonation patterns and utilise the appropriate grammatical and functional structures.

At post-presentational level, English Study Centre participants were available to give information concerning the project to the guests and to answer any of their questions. To achieve this successfully, additional training, instruction and support were given to the participants. For the students this meant a lot of practice in reading up on the material in the pack, learning essential field specific vocabulary and learning the information that would enable them to answer any questions that may arise after the formal presentation of the project.

Apart from developing their reading and speaking skills, the participants gained insight into phonological aspects of the voice and worked on areas of clarity, pronunciation, stress, pauses, pitch and intonation. Other non-verbal features included deportment and the ability to establish a pleasant rapport with the guests through the use of appropriate and effective body language, mannerisms and humour.

Business Communication skills for the services industry Business Communication skills for the services industry Business Communication skills for the services industry Business Communication skills for the services industry

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